Innoport® presents Innoport Messenger: an Engaging Instant Messaging Service for the Workplace.

Innoport Messenger complements the current Innoport suite of existing cloud communications services.

Wayne, PA - July 23, 2019 - Intellicomm introduces a business friendly and secure instant messaging application, Innoport Messenger, as part of its Innoport cloud communications service. Recognizing that the importance of workplace messaging continues to gain momentum in today's fast-paced business environment, Innoport Messenger has been designed from the ground up with security, simplicity, and speed as foundational principles.

From small businesses to the largest enterprises, the shift towards digital communications presents a profound opportunity to drastically transform workplace productivity. Having a constant conversational tool on the desktop and/or smartphone creates a responsive environment and an energized workforce. With seamless integration to the existing suite of unified communications services offered by Innoport, the Innoport Messenger presents a compelling value proposition for its existing and future customers.

Innoport Messenger conveys a simple message: pave way for productivity, or risk being left behind.

Key highlights of Innoport Messenger include:

  • Multi-tab interface to allow multiple conversations with team members at the same time.
  • Display of presence status of users indicating availability to send and receive messages.
  • Real-time notifications, including the option to have browser based desktop notifications.
  • The option to receive real-time notification of the arrival of a new message for Innoport voicemail, auto attendant, and electronic fax customers.
  • Processing offline messages.
  • Auto-reconnection for suspended connections to maintain persistence.
  • Enterprise level control for administrators to enable or disable a user for instant messaging within their company account.
  • The option for the company account administrator to broadcast a message to all its instant messaging users for instant notification of important messages.
  • A contact list for easy contact management.
  • The ability to block contacts.
  • Optional sound alerts for audio notifications.

Future planned enhancements to Innoport Messenger are geared towards promoting collaborative communication and continued ease and versatility in business to business messaging.

"Innoport Messenger establishes a key milestone of broadening the range of high quality cloud communication services available to our customers. We take great care in developing our services that can scale for our large enterprise customers while at the same time being manageable for our mid-small sized business customers. Innoport Messenger accomplishes all that with great ease," says Harprit Singh, President and CEO of Intellicomm.

For additional information including pricing and current coverage, please visit www.innoport.com.

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