Innoport® Introduces A Smart Way To Search Electronic Faxes

The highly sophisticated and machine-intensive process, based on a clustered search and index approach, aims to improve workflow and discovery of online electronic faxes saving precious time and money.

Wayne, PA - March 15, 2019 - Innoport by Intellicomm continues its technical prowess and enterprise leadership in the area of electronic and online fax services as part of its cloud communications offering by integrating a sophisticated search feature. Employing techniques in character recognition that turn unstructured data to a structured data stream presents unparalleled opportunities in increased productivity.

The Innoport search feature acts as a free form text lookup search engine for a customer's online faxes received in their account. Electronic faxes are essentially images of content, and when you have a significant volume of faxes and need to find a fax, the conventional approach is to go through each fax, open it, and then review it. Now imagine if such unstructured images are converted to a structured set of data in nearly real time, that can be looked up by simply typing a keyword expected in the fax being searched for - it's a game changer for businesses whose operations rely heavily on finding information quickly.

Industries such as healthcare, insurance, finance, and mortgage that rely on fast retrieval of information are stymied when it comes to locating faxes - whether they be online or offline. As electronic faxing becomes the de facto approach to receiving documents via a telephone number, a search and lookup feature is one more reason why companies that rely on faxes should migrate to cloud faxing from paper fax machines.

While the initial rollout of this innovative technology provides a search feature along with the ability to get an inline view of the cover page of the search result set, additional enhancements built on this technology are expected to improve the overall document management experience on Innoport. "Intellicomm has relentlessly pursued features for the Innoport service that help businesses conduct their communications faster and better in a cost effective way. Along with various options for secure communications, this new introduction uniquely enhances the current service." says Harprit Singh, President and CEO of Intellicomm. Businesses are clamoring for solutions that improve productivity and most industries are seeking solutions that assist them in processing their transactions in a timely fashion.

The online fax search feature is being gradually rolled out to all the existing Innoport customers. For additional information including pricing and current coverage, please visit www.innoport.com.

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