Intellicomm Significantly Expands Its Innoport® Service Telephone Number Coverage in Japan

Increased coverage of Innoport hosted unified communications services expected to help businesses explore additional opportunities.

Wayne, PA - March 24, 2016 - Innoport by Intellicomm is a prime example of how cloud communications deeply rooted in business automation and increased security can lead to cheaper, faster and better business results that can be deployed by small to mid-sized companies at the same level as that by a large corporation. With additional cities in Japan coming online, Intellicomm is pleased to announce this milestone in bringing its expertise in cloud communications to a growing geographic footprint.

Innoport phone number availability in Japan includes the following cities - Chiba, Kawaguchi, Kawasaki, Kobe, Kokubunji, Nagoya, Narita, Osaka, Saitama, Tokyo and Yokohama.

While businesses generally think of increasing communications with its customers, partners and vendors by increasing various modes of customer interactions, often overlooked is the benefit of automation in communications. Automating cloud communications with a vast geographic network has helped Intellicomm's customers connect multiple geographically dispersed locations with ease. As Japan is one of the largest economies of the world, additional telephone number availability there allows Innoport customers to increase the potential market size of their products and services.

"Intellicomm is relentless in its pursuit of helping and enabling its customers with its years of expertise in communications technology and increased geographic coverage of Innoport services reaching as far as Japan demonstrates such a commitment," said Harprit Singh, President and CEO of Intellicomm.

Innoport services are used in various industries, including but not limited to, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, financial services, education, real estate, travel and hospitality. Whether it's enabling voice and fax message delivery directly to an enterprise system, find me follow me call routing to various destinations worldwide, virtual auto attendant with extensions, physician dictations via phone, secure and encrypted fax communications for healthcare, or a backup telecom service for disaster recovery, customers of Innoport services are uniquely positioned to take advantage of its growing network footprint.

For additional information including pricing and current coverage, please visit www.innoport.com.

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Intellicomm Inc. is a leading provider of hosted unified communications services, delivering enterprise class services to businesses of all sizes and empowering them with an unprecedented level of information access and management. Through its flagship service, Innoport®, Intellicomm automates an individual or company's flow of communication by centralizing all inbound phone calls, voice mail, fax and instant messaging communications. As an affordable, remotely-hosted communications system, Innoport can help businesses achieve virtual office capabilities that present nearly unlimited scalability for growth and enhance employee mobility. For more information, visit www.innoport.com, www.innoportexpress.com or www.intellicomm.com. Innoport is a registered service mark of Intellicomm Inc.

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